Días Felices – Downloadable Game

Días Felices is a 2D pixel art psychological horror game where a man’s life crumbles around him as he deals with an ugly truth.

Created for the Godot Wild Jam, Días Felices follows the story of a seemingly happy man who lives with his loving girlfriend in a rather messy house. His life seems fairly happy but the constant rain outside and the medication in his bathroom hint that something darker is going on…

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, it’s a great little horror game with an unsettling atmosphere, excellent pixel art animation and clever storytelling. The narrative is a little up to interpretation but it does a great job of giving you clues that allow you to form your version of what’s going on. Highly Recomended.

Controls: A/D – Movement, Spacebar – Interact

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Días Felices Here

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