DIET – Browser Game

DIET is a tricky little browser based puzzle adventure that sees you attempting to lose and gain weight to escape a cleverly designed dungeon.

In DIET you start the game as a seriously obese being that takes up an entire room in a dungeon. However, with a little exercise you’re able to lose some weight, which allows you to squeeze through doors and collect objects that would have previously been covered by your blubber. Collecting dumbbells allow you to lose more weight and the more weight you lose, the more rooms you’ll be able to visit. It’s not all about losing weight though – there are lots of puzzles to solve as you discover the many secrets the dungeon is hiding, many of which require you to think outside of the box.

It’s a very well crafted little puzzler with charming visuals, a catchy chip-tune soundtrack and puzzles that use the fluctuating body size of your character in some very clever ways. Size matters in this excellent little puzzle adventure!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play DIET Here

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