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Dig Deep is an addictive Mr Driller-esque intergalactic mining adventure where you avoid traps, kill aliens and collect loot as you attempt o mine your way down through an alien planet.

In Dig Deep your aim is to dig as far as you can into a gold-rich alien planet. Your character constantly digs downwards, but you are able to move left and right (and dash left and right) to avoid hazards and collect power-ups and gold. The gold can be used to unlock useful upgrades that can help with future runs and you can also fulfill Jetpack Joyride-esque objectives (such as “collect X amount of gold”) or “dig down X feet”), to unlock more upgrades and characters to use.

It’s a fairly simple game but very addictive, with a great pixel art visual style, a catchy soundtrack, plenty of unlockable upgrades and fast paced arcade gameplay. A great little dig ‘em up well worth burrowing into.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Special

Available On: Windows, iOS & Android

Download Dig Deep Here

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