Digidream 1989 – Browser Game

Digidream 1989 is a creepy little office-based horror game where you use your typing skills to banish a demonic entity.

Created by Groundwater Studio (creators of Coil), in Digidream 1989 you find yourself sitting at your desk in an office in front of an old 1980’s desktop computer. One of your colleagues then starts messaging you and tells you to keep typing out the various word prompts that appear. You have a time limit to complete the words in and if you run out of time then it’s game over. That’s a small concern though compared to the fact that there appears to wea malevolent entity loose in the office!

It could probably do with a checkpoint system, but other than that Digidream 1989 is a great little horror game with a clever premise and a very tense atmosphere. Also it may also be a good way to improve your typing skills – nothing motivates better than the threat of death!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available on: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Digidream Here

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