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Digital a love story download

Digital: A Love Story is an intriguing hacking-based mystery/love story played out via emails and message boards, accessed through various shady dial up networks on an 80’s computer terminal.

Set ‘five minutes into the future of 1988’, you start out Digital: A Love Story as a total n00b, having just unboxed and booted up your Aime. Workbench.  But thanks to the helpfulness of the small, but fledgling online community, you soon figure out more about the system and the network, logging into online communities, downloading files and even hacking your way into places you really shouldn’t be.

Along the way you form a relationship with Emilia, someone you encounter in the first community you visit and really hit it off with.  You’ve never met physically, but it’s obvious the two of you have a great connection, but just as you’re figuring things out she disappears.  Where has she gone?  Is she ok?  There are some very clever surprises as you hack your way deeper into the darker recesses of the internet.  We highly recommend hacking your way through this retro web of secrets.

Controls:  Point, Click & Type

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Hint:  Pay close attention to the text in the corrupted file sent from J, Rook

Download Digital: A Love Story Here

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