Dikes and Polders – Browser Game

Dikes and Polders is a charming and addictive little tile-based puzzle game where you attempt to arrange windmills and matching colors of tulips to rack up a high score.

Created for Ludum Dare 48, in Dikes and Polders you are presented with a small patch of randomly generated land that’s flooded with water. You need to place windmills which will drain the water around them, allowing you to place 2×1 sections of tulip patches. You need to try and place matching colors of tulips next to each other to earn points. The larger the matching colored patch the more points you earn, which can then be used to unlock more windmills.

It’s a simple, but addictive and wonderfully relaxing little game. The vibrant visuals and the tranquil soundtrack make for a very chilled out experience and the color matching gameplay works well. It would be nice if there was an endless mode where you unlock larger sections of land, but even as it stands it’s a great little game and the randomized levels add plenty of replayability. A peaceful little tulip growing puzzler well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Browser

Play Dikes and Polders Here

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