Dimitri Kozma Art Gallery DX – Download Game

Dimitri Kozma Art Gallery DX is a little experimental 2D platformer where you explore a gallery filled with beautiful and surreal works of art.

In Dimitri Kozma Art Gallery DX you explore a large art gallery that’s filled with Dimitri Kozma’s art. There’s no real objective, you just explore and take in all the artwork. Some of the artwork is hidden away in out of reach places which rely on a little platforming ability, but on the whole it’s more about exploring and appreciating the art.

It’s a fun little interactive experience that makes for a great way to take in Dimitri Kozma’s excellent artwork. There’s lots to discover as you explore the museum and as with most good art museums, there’s no set route, timers or objectives as you make your way through it – you can just wander, take your time and enjoy the art.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Art Info

Available On: Windows

Download Dimitri Kozma Art Gallery DX Here

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