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Dinomelt Game

DinoMelt is a charming, cheerful and beautifully animated action platforming metroidvania in which you play a cute little dinosaur who’s planet has been drastically altered by a giant clay meteor.

In DinoMelt nearly all the inhabitants of this once blissful world have been altered by the clay meteor, morphing them into wild, mindless beasts and giant deadly bosses. You seem to be reasonably unaffected by the clay catastrophe though and there are a few helpful characters you’ll meet along the way that will offer assistance in exchange for lumps of clay that are hidden around the game world.

In true metroidvania-style, as you progress you’ll unlock new abilities that will allow you to explore more of the games surprisingly large game world. There’s a lot to discover as you explore the clay-infested catacombs and with a bit of luck you’ll make it to the center and put an end to the clay-based catastrophe that’s wreaking havoc on your planet.

It’s a great game that has a surprising amount of depth and variety as you delve deeper into it. The quirky characters and high quality animation are also particular high points, especially the way the developer has managed to make the 2D hand drawn characters look and move like they’re almost created in claymation. A wonderful, whimsical and weird dino-metroidvania well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, A/S/D – Actions, Spacebar – Map

Available On: All Browsers (Chrome & Firefox Recommended

Play DinoMelt Here

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