Disaster Office – Downloadable Game

Disaster office

Disaster Office is a charming pixel art arcade action game in which you must carry out office work while being under attack from various natural and unnatural attacks – from volcano eruptions to zombie outbreaks.

You work in an office which seems to be situated in a very disaster prone area – with earthquakes, ninja attacks and volcano eruptions happening on a regular basis. But just because there are hazardous working conditions doesn’t mean that the work doesn’t have to get done. So you must run back and forth collecting and filing the paperwork, whilst avoiding hazards and objects your boss throws at you (to encourage you). File enough papers and you’ll move on to the next day, and face an even worse disaster. Make it to the end of the week and you’ll really deserve some time off!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Do Paperwork, X – Jump

Available On: Windows & Android

Download Disaster Office Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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