Discomfort Zone – Browser Game

Discomfort Zone is a short but powerful retro narrative adventure about dealing with anxiety and depression.

Created in the Bitsy game engine, Discomfort Zone is a simple looking but thought provoking and impactful little adventure that sees your character struggling with anxiety and depression. You start off in your house filled with your favorite things, but soon things take a dark turn and you are bombarded with negative emotions. You need to set out and discover the things that mean the most to you as you attempt to lift the depression.

Discomfort Zone only takes a few minutes to play through but it really impresses with its clever handling of its subject matter and the tense, claustrophobic atmosphere it builds as you make your way through the game world. It’s a great piece of game design that manages to squeeze a lot of emotion out of it’s retro pixel art visual style.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Play Discomfort Zone Here

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