Disorient On The Murder Express – Downloadable Game

disorient on the murder express game

Disorient On The Murder Express is a short and funny Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery in which you attempt to deduce who is guilty of the grizzly murder of one of the passengers aboard the Murder Express.

You play a Poirot-style detective, who’s a little down on his luck and enjoys a little drink. Initially you sit at the bar, chatting to the bartender and guests, then once the murder occours you search the train for clues and intreeogate the witnesses. It’s your task to deduce who had motive and who had the oportunity to kill the deceased, then gather everyone together as you explain your reasoning in a satisfyingly convoluted manner and accuse the guilty.

It’s a well crafted little murder mystery with a great sense of humor and excellent audio/visual design. Obviously murder should never be condoned, But if you’re going to name a train the ‘Murder Express’, you’ve got to expect the occaisional bit of killing!

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  E – Interact,  Mouse – Look

Available On:  Windows Only

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Full Game Here

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