Disparity of the Dead – Downloadable Game

Disparity of the Dead is a spooky PS1 styled 3D platforming adventure where you set out to discover why the living are no longer dying.

Created by Bryce Butcher (Creator of Fatum Betula and Remember Places?), Disparity of the Dead is a platforming adventure that puts you in the shoes of a detective in the land of the dead. It appears that the dead have stopped arriving in the land of the dead, and to figure out why you’ll need to explore, talk to citizens and search for clues. And there’s plenty of collectibles to find alay the way too!

It’s a great little slice of PS1 era 3D platforming with a fun setting, lots to discover and an intriguing mystery at its heart. The living may not be dying, but you’ll be dying to find out why!

Controls : Mouse & Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows

Download Disparity of the Dead Here

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