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Dispatch is a creepy little first person horror game where you take on the role of a police dispatcher who has to make some tough decisions after receiving a disturbing call.

In Dispatch you are a police dispatcher whose job it is to receive emergency calls from the public and decide how to respond to them. Some calls are time-wasters who have minor issues such as a sick pet, but others really mean the difference between life and death – such as the one you receive tonight.

Upon answering a call from a distressed mother whose estranged ex-husband is trying to break into the house, you need to decide how to respond and give guidance to the mother and daughter until the police arrive. Your decisions may save lives or cause people to die so you need to be careful what you say. All the while though there are creepy things happening around you and there are definitely some unresolved issues regarding a recent death that you blame yourself for…

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, Dispatch is a well executed little horror game with a very dense atmosphere, good voice acting and a novel premise. It even has speech recognition so you can talk to give your responses in conversations, immersing you in the experience even more. See if you can save a life with a phone call!

Controls: Mouse – Loo, LMB – Interact, Esc – Exit Monitor, Number Keys – Dialogue Choices

Available On: Windows

Download Dispatch Here

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