Disposabot – Browser Game

disposabot free game

Disposabot is an inventive puzzle platformer in which you must sacrifice replicas of yourself in order to use their bodies to aid your progress.

You play a sentient citizen-class robot that has been abducted, replicated and forced go through all 21 rooms of a deadly weapons testing facility by the evil Dr. Nemesis.  The bad news is that you are going to die a lot, but the good news is that you’re immediately replaced by a replica of yourself, leaving your previous body where it was killed.  These bodies can come in very handy as you figure out inventive ways of using them as platforms and shields to stop deadly lasers.

It’s a great game with charming pixel art animation, a humorous story and well designed puzzles that each require inventive use of your dead bodies.  Death is certainly not the end in Disposabot.

Controls:  WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Select Menu Option

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Disposabot Here

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