Dissonance – Downloadable Game

Dissonance is a top-down Sci-Fi survival horror game where you venture into an abandoned SCP-esque research facility in search of your brother.

In Dissonance you take on the role of a lone surviving operative who finds himself within a large abandoned research facility filled with dangerous SCP style anomalies. It turns out your brother was part of a previous party sent in to investigate the facility and now you must venture into it to try and rescue him. As you progress you’ll need to use a variety of gadgets to help you identify, avoid or eliminate the anomalies within the facility. You’ll also need to fight some automated defenses and challenging boss battles.

Taking around an hour to play through, it’s a tense and atmospheric adventure with some beautifully crafted environments and unique ways of dealing with the various deadly anomalies. The narrative is well told and the boss battles require a little thought, rather than just blasting things with a gun. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Use Light, Spacebar – Roll, E – Medikit, R – Scan

Available On: Steam

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Dissonance Here

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