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Dive game

Dive is an addictive little diving exploration game in which you pilot a little submarine, collecting treasure and purchasing upgrades that will help you dive deeper and deeper into an uncharted lagoon.

The core gameplay loop of Dive is simple, but satisfying. You explore the lagoon and collect treasure that you can use to purchase upgrades, which then allow you to explore more of the lagoon. You only have a limited amount of oxygen at the start so can’t get very far underwater before you have to surface, but as you upgrade your oxygen tanks and engine you can go deeper and further. You still have to be careful though, if you so much as touch a nearby rock your little vessel will pop and you’ll drop your loot (which you can collect on your next foray). Collect enough upgrades and you’ll be able to descend right to the bottom of the lagoon and discover a a hidden treasure.

It’s great fun exploring the depths of Dive, an addictive and relaxing experience in which you discover a little more with each dive. A fun little game with plenty of depth.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Dive Here

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