DMV: Become Viechle – Downloadable Game

DMV: Become Viechle is a hilariously silly little “driving” adventure where you turn into a walking car and have to take a driving test.

In DMV: Become Viechle you take a trip to the DMV to get your driver’s licence. However, rather than driving a car, you’ll actually become one. This results in surgeons turning you into a car with legs and you then need to pass a series of tests to see if you’re legal to drive.

There are three tests in total (driving, reversing and parallel parking), and if you hit too many things during them then “something bad will happen”. Don’t be too upset if you fail any, as some of them are impossible!

It’s hard to day DMV: Become Viechle is a good game, but it is a very entertaining one and something you’re unlikely to forget. It’s got a wonderfully absurd premise, a fun sense of humor and actually manages to leave you with a meaningful message. Time to become a real petrolhead!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Shift – Run

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download DMV: Become Viechle Here

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