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Do It For Me is a simple looking, but surprisingly dark puzzle platforming adventure that explores the things you’ll do for love.

In Do It For Me you control a charming looking little pixel art hero as he runs and jumps his way through a Mario-esque game world collecting hearts and dispatching enemies with a knife. You’re doing all this at the behest of a girl you’re infatuated with and sometimes collecting hearts of killing enemies causes certain platforms to disappear, so you may need to plan ahead as you make your way through the cheery looking game world.

It takes around five minutes to play through Do It For Me, but there are five different endings depending on your actions throughout. It’s a great little platformer with precise controls lots of replayability and a delightfully dark narrative. What will you do for love?

Controls: WASD – Movement, F/LMB – Attack

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here (All 5 Endings)

Download Do It For Me Here

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