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Do Not Pass Go is a short and intense Monopoly inspired horror game where you attempt to avoid Mr Money Bags and gather up enough money to pass Go!

Created by Micro Horror Arcade (creator of dP.T.Do Not Pass Go may be based on the classic game of Monopoly, but the rules are very different! In the game you need to collect the $200 that’s scattered around a large maze then use it to allow you to pass Go and escape to safety. However, you’re not alone in the maze – Mr Money Bags is there too and he doesn’t play nice!

If Mr Money Bags catches you then you have a limited amount of time to find where he’s hiding in the maze before you die (And have to start over). Also, if he manages to catch you three times then you will die. To make things even tricker there are also jail squares roaming the maze that will temporarily stun you and steal $10.

Do Not Pass Go is a frustratingly hard game and the map design could be improved (there’s only one corridor linking the front and the back of it), but it’s a fun concept and it’s surprisingly scary. The audio design is very unsettling and it’s got a very tense atmosphere. Certainly more fun than a normal game of Monopoly anyway!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Shift – Run

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Do Not Pass Go Here

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