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Dog of Antor Game Download

Dog of Antor is a beautiful, adorable, heartwarming and heartbreaking celebration of the joy dogs bring to our lives as you walk and share special moments with them throughout a lifetime.

Dog of Antor takes you on a journey through the significant points of a mans lifetime, from birth to death, all accompanied by a faithful and loving four legged companion. The gameplay is fairly minimal, with you simply walking and interacting to progress the story, but the pixel art animation if fantastic and the way the narrative unfolds during its mostly wordless play time is captivating.

It covers the ups and downs of a lifetime in just over thirty minutes, with each period in the timeline often accompanied by a different dog with a different personality, but each one just as adorable and devoted as the last. It celebrates the simple joys of sharing your life with a dog and the way they’re always there to brighten up your life in their own little ways. It’s telling that after completing the game and watching a man’s entire life unfold before your eyes it’s the little moments that stick with you the most – the mother disciplining her puppy, the playful pup turning off a console mid-game and the dog singing along to the tambourine.

A dog is by your side for its entire life and a significant chunk of yours. Little four-legged rays of sunshine that brighten up your life. Dog of Antor captures that sunshine and portrays it perfectly throughout its heartwarming and occasionally tear jerking playtime. Highly recommended – especially if you’re a dog lover!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Dog of Antor Here

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