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Dogness is a quirky satirical dog breeding game in which you selectively breed dogs and control immigration as you attemt to create a master breed of dogs and ‘Mak Dis (Dog) Park Graet Again”.

In Dogness you’re presented with a park full of mongrel dogs and tasked with breeding them to greate a master breed. To get two dogs to breed you just drag one and drop it on another, they’ll then get down to business and produce a few pups. To stand the best chance of creating a high rating of dogness you need to try to breed the higher rated dogs together while flinging sub-standard dogs over the fence.

It’s quite hard to get anywhere above a 70% dogness master race rating because of several factors – dogs will randmly hump and produce more offspring and if you breed two dogs that are related they’ll become inbred and produce worse litters. The only way you can stop the population from stagnating and becoming increasingly inbred is to open the gate at the side of the park to allow immigrant dogs into the genepool.

It can be quite a frantic as there is such a short time period to work with and the dog park can fill up with inbreds and random mongrels pretty quickly. Can you create a master breed or just a bunch of oddly shaped mutant inbred mongrels?

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Dogness Here

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