Doki Doki Anomaly – Downloadable Game

Doki Doki Anomaly is a very strange little horror dating simulator where you attempt to avoid the seductive charms of SCP-173.

Under normal conditions SCP-173 is a grotesque peanut-shaped abomination of steel and rebar that only moves when you don’t look at it and will kill you instantly. However, in Doki Doki Anomaly you are an SCP doctor who is testing the effects of SCP-8008 – a set of novelty glasses that allow the wearer to fall in love with anything they look at.

Due to your high mental resistance you have been selected for the latest experiment – using the SCP-8008 glasses to try and communicate with SCP-173. This causes SCP-173 to appear to you as a cute anime girl rather than the murderous monstrosity it really is. As the experiment goes on you know that what you’re seeing isn’t real, but it seems like you’re really managing to communicate with SCP-173 and there aren’t too many D-Class casualties. However, as the days pass, it’s clear the experiment is having a toll on your mental health and maybe SCP-8008 will claim another victim…

It would be nice if there was a character model of SCP-173 that you could see without the glasses just to highlight how repulsive it really is, but other than that Doki Doki Anomaly is a great little horror game with a delightfully dark sense of humor and some fun twists. There are three endings to discover based on your choices and you’ll be surprised how persuasive SCP-173 can be when it doesn’t look like a malformed concrete peanut!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Doki Doki Anomaly Here

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