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Don’t Get Caught 3 is a silly and scary first person stealth fapping game where you hitchhike in the back of cars and attempt to jack off without getting caught by the driver or the creepy doll that’s sat beside you.

The third in the series of surprisingly good danger fap Don’t Get Caught games, Don’t Get Caught 3 is easily the best (and funniest) yet. It starts with you standing at the roadside near a gas station where you attempt to get one of the passing cars to give you a lift. However, you’re more interested in getting off than actually going anywhere!

Once in the back of the car you can unzip and start fapping away for all your worth. However, the driver will occasionally make a grunting noise then turn around – you need to make sure you’ve put your tackle away before they do this or they’ll throw you out of the car. Their anger level will also rise is you go too fast, which increases the chances of them just throwing you out anyway. Also, to make things a little more disturbing, there’s also a creepy doll that’s sat beside you – you need to calm it down now and again or it will alert the driver to your dirty deeds.

It’s a fun little game, that fleshes out the stealth-onanism gameplay with a surprising amount of polish, depth and content. There are three different drivers for you to try your danger fapping antics on and as you progress you’ll earn bonus multipliers and unlock new perks you can purchase from the gas station (lube, more pics, etc.). Will you manage to get off before you’re thrown out?

Note: There’s no actual adult content or nudity in the game (anything naughty is covered up)

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB + Mouse – Fap, E – Interact

Available On: Windows

Download Don’t Get Caught 3 Here

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