Don’t Trip – Download Game (iOS & Android)

Don’t Trip is a fun physics based walking simulator for iOS and Android devices where you swivel the phone and use your thumbs to place your feet, trying to avoid tripping over obstacles and killer vacuum cleaners as you go.

The gameplay in Don’t Trip is pretty intuitive, with you simply using your thumbs to plant one foot then swivelling the phone to find a suitable place to the other one (and so on). You have optional objectives, such as “squash 5 bugs” or “kick 3 balls” and you have to avoid stepping on anything that can trip you up, but you also have to keep moving quite quickly as you’re being pursued by deadly Roomba style vacuum cleaners.

It’s a simple, but fun game that makes great use of the unique gameplay possibilities afforded by mobile devices. It’s free-to-play, but the ads/microtransactions aren’t intrusive, and there’s lots of fun skins to unlock. Forget Dear Esther, this is a real walking simulator!

Controls: Touch & Turn

Available On: iOS & Android

Download Don’t Trip Here (iOS) or Here (Android)

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