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Doppelganger is a cleverly designed puzzle platforming adventure where you can create wrap-around frames to allow you to make your way through a mysterious temple and find your cat.

In Doppelganger you take control of a young boy as he chases his cat through a strange old temple. As you make your way through the temple you unlock new abilities which allow you to place a frame around you with a wrap-around effect. This means that if you walk out of the right side of the frame then you’ll suddenly appear on the left side of the frame and if you drop out of the bottom then you’ll appear at the top.

The puzzles during the first five minutes of Doppelganger are pretty easy and repetitive, but once you unlock some new skills then the puzzle design gets a lot more complex and it gets a lot more interesting. The Four Sided Fantasy-esque wrap-around frame mechanics are fun to play around with and it allows form some very creative puzzle design.

Controls: Control Pad

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Doppelganger Here

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