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Double Duder is a fun Double Dragon inspired side scrolling brawler in which Giant Bomb’s Dr Tracksuit (Jeff Gerstmann) and Agent (Brad) Shoemaker go on “a war against the war on drugs” (and maybe rescue Dan Ryckert as well).

Fans of Double Dragon and fans of Giant Bomb will find a lot of enjoyment in Double Duder. All the staples of the side scrolling Double Dragon combat are there, with grabs, punches, kicks, weapons and boss fights, but it’s also infused with lots of Giant Bomb inspired humor and in-jokes. It’s set in a distant future where Giant Beast agents Vinny Caravella and Alex Navarro have won the war on drugs and kidnapped Dan Ryckert. It’s up to you (and a co-op buddy) to battle your way through the police-infested streets and wage a war against the war on drugs (and  maybe rescue Dan Ryckert too!)

Much like the game it was inspired by the gameplay in Double Duder is fairly simple, but it’s entertaining and can be pretty challenging at times. It’s all the Giant Bomb in-jokes and easter eggs that really make Double Duder a joy to play though – ranging from familiar song remixes in the soundtrack to the ability to pause the game and press ‘Y’ for a random Dan fact! A silly slice of bombtastic beat ‘em up action well worth checking out.

Controls:  Keyboard/Controller

Available On:  Windows and Browser

Download or Play Double Duder Here

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