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DownBeat is a challenging rhythm action precision platformer in which you literally jump to the beat as you make your way through four hazard-filled levels that pulse along to the music.

In DownBeat the harmony of your world has been broken a the magical crystal that controls it has been smashed into four shards and scattered throughout the land. You must conquer four challenging levels, each of which is built around a different song and pulses to the beat.

When you’re standing on the ground the beat of the levels causes you to automatically jump in the air when it hits. This can be beneficial or hazardous depending in your situation – sure it can help you jump over a large gap, but it can also fire you upwards into a ceiling of deadly spikes. You’ll need to master the three types of jump to survive – a high jump that’s performed by pressing the jump button at the same time as the beat, a normal jump that is performed by just being on the ground when the beat hits and a low jump that you perform by jumping out of time with the beat.

It’s a tough, but addictive and very stylish game with great tunes and visuals that pulse along to the music. A rhythm action platformer you can only beat my mastering the beat!

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar Jump (Control Pad Compatible)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Important Note: Be very careful on the very last fump in the game (the staircase) – if you drop down between the two last steps then you’ll bet stuck!

Download DownBeat Here

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