Dread Chess – Browser Game

Dread Chess features a creepy and creative twist on the classic game of chess, with you playing on compact chess boards and using asymmetrical rules.

In Dread Chess the God of Madness has decided that the traditional rules of chess are a little too sane and has invented a few rules of their own. Pieces still move as they do in a traditional game of chess and you still win by taking the King, but you play on compact chess boards with fewer pieces and you can have your moves dictated by cards or a dice.

You play against an AI opponent and you can choose from a variety of different board sizes, chess pieces and rules. The three rules you can choose from are Direct (traditional chess moves), Card (cards dictate the moves that are open to you) and Dice (roll a dice to move). Of the three Dice is by far the hardest, and interestingly you can choose to use one rule set and make the computer use another (though it does make for a pretty imbalanced game).

The Direct rules are probably still the best, but even so the compact boards make for a very different chess experience and the pixel art visuals are excellent. A clever concept that would be great for expanding on.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play Dread Chess Here

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