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Dread End is a fast paced run n’ gun high score chasing wave-based FPS that sees you blasting drones, pulling off skill shots, earning multipliers and conquering the leaderboards.

Built in Unreal Engine 4 by students at the S4G School for Games, Dread End is a simple, but addictive first person shooter experience that sees you blasting through waves of drones in a combat simulation. There’s only one gun (your trusty laser rifle) and the combat arena is fairly small, but it keeps you on your toes as you run around dodging laser shots and taking out the swarming enemies.

Your goal is to earn enough points to conquer the online leaderboard. Points are awarded per kill but you earn multipliers, and use of precision and skill will give you large bonuses – such as pulling off a triple kill or taking out a drone while jumping. The drones start off easy, but soon amass in numbers and can overwhelm you. You can’t just camp with your back to a corner either – you have to keep collecting ammo and the only way to replenish health is from two different points at opposite sides of the map.

Dread End isn’t the most feature packed shooter, but there’s something to be said for its streamlined and skill based approach to FPS combat. The visuals are excellent and the combat is great fun, especially once you start to rack up those multipliers! Well worth checking out for some intense high score chasing run n’ gun fun.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, RMB – Aim Down Sights, LMB – Fire, E – Use Heal Point

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Dread End Here

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