dreamcore95idle exe – Browser Game

dreamcore95idle.exe is a fast paced little vaporwave styled idle game where you use penguins, dolphins and palm trees to resurrect something on a Windows 95 desktop.

In dreamcore95idle.exe you are presented with a Windows 95 style desktop and a little window open called “Dreamcore”. Clicking away on the explore button in the Dreamcore window explores the world and allows you to buy more stuff, which opens up new windows that allow you to buy more stuff, etc.

It’s an addictive little incremental clicker with some fun discoveries, a great aesthetic and a very chill soundtrack. Also, the ending is fun and it takes less than an hour to playthrough – so it’s not as big a time-sink as most incremental clickers!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play dreamcore95idle.exe Here

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