Dreamward – Downloadable Game

Dreamward is a stylish and inventive puzzle adventure inspired by the Tang and Tubo cultures, where you fold the game world to tell the story of two princesses who shared similar fates.

In Dreamward you control a Chinese princess as she makes her way through a beautifully drawn 3D world. When she encounters a seemingly impassable obstacle you can fold the game world so that it turns 2D, allowing her to traverse the world in a 2D plane and bypass the obstacle.

The 3D to 2D folding mechanic is pretty clever on its own, but there’s more to this puzzler. Your princess can also point to parts of the beautifully illustrated paintings in the background to make a princess from generations past move around. What’s more, when you fold the game world the paintings also fold, allowing the princess in the painting to bypass obstacles too.

Some of the puzzles can get a little fiddly, but on the whole it’s a great little puzzle adventure with some very creative game design and beautiful artwork. A picture perfect puzzler with some real sparks of creativity.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Dreamward Here

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