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Drop is a clever little physics based puzzler in which you hover your mouse over items on the screen to make them drop, with an aim of guiding balls to the level exit.

Drop looks simple, but it has some very cleverly designed puzzles that will test your problem solving skills and your mouse control as you attempt to guide your balls to the exit of each level. Some parts of each level are fixed, but most of the objects will instantly drop and obey the laws of gravity as soon as your mouse comes into contact with them. As you make your way through the levels the puzzles will require you to use your dropping skills in a variety of different ways – from avoiding everything on the screen to defending your ball from incoming attacks.

It’s a simple, but very well crafted little puzzler with a great amount of variety and creativity in the puzzle design. A very inventive gravity-based puzzler well worth dropping on.

Controls: Mouse – Aim to Drop Objects, LMB (Hold) – Restart Level

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser (Download Recommended)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Drop Here

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