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Drop Guardians is a very addictive fusion of Peggle and tower defense, where you place pegs to prevent balls from falling through the bottom of the screen.

Created for the GMTK game jam, Drop Guardians is a Peggle inspired tower defense game where your towers are the pegs and the balls are the creeps. The balls drop down from the top of the screen and your goal is to destroy them before they reach the bottom. There’s a nice selection of uniquely skilled pegs to use, all of which can be upgraded as you progress.

It’s a very clever and addictive mash-up of two very different game types that works remarkably well. It makes for a very refreshing take on the tower defense genre that would be perfect for expanding on.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows and Browser

Note: If you’re struggling at the start, there is a little exploit involving freeze towers and coin towers that can earn you a lot of cash!

Download or Play Drop Guardians Here

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