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Drop The Pin is a clever little physics-based puzzle adventure where you interact with the world by pulling out the pins that are holding objects in place.

In Drop The Pin your aim is to shepherd an auto-walking little blue triangular character to the exit of each level. You have no control of the character, but you can interact with the game word by pulling out the pins that are holding structures in place. The trick to each level is in figuring out the order and timing for pulling the pins – so for instance, you may want to pull a pin to pour water into a spike-pit before you pull the one that’s holding your character back.

A lot of the early levels in Drop The Pin are very easy, but it’s a fun little puzzler nonetheless with a clever premise and a satisfyingly tactile way you interact with the world. A pin-pulling puzzler well worth picking up!

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: Windows & Android

Download Drop The Pin Here

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