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DROPSHIP is a stylish, fast paced and brutally tough gravity-bending precision flying game where the gravity shifts depending on what way you’re facing.

Created by Minigoliath (creators of the excellent The House in the Woods), DROPSHIP is a Lunar Lander-esque precision flying arcade game where you are always facing up. In the game you have very limited fuel to pilot your dropship to a landing pad. However, if you’re skilled enough then your thrusters won’t be your primary means of propulsion, gravity will! This is because whenever you rotate your dropship, the gravity shifts with it – so up is always up and down is always down as far as gravity is concerned.

DROPSHIP features 21 levels and four bonus levels but you’ll have to be an extremely skilled pilot to see them all. It’s a very tough game and wrapping your head around the gravity bending abilities of your ship can take a little time too. It’s a great game though, with a very cool visual style and fast, fun and unique gameplay. Good luck pilot, you’ll need it!

Controls: Control Pad or Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download DROPSHIP Here

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