Drowned – Downloadable Game

Drowned is a dark psychological horror game with analog horror elements, where you check into a hotel and deal with some very deep seated daddy issues.

Created by Totally Fungal (creator of The Floor is Breathing) in Drowned you find yourself in a hotel in purgatory and relive your memories of childhood abuse that pushed you into insanity. Each of your memories are held within forgotten photographs and as you face each one you get closer to being able to move on and hopefully escaping purgatory.

Drowned is a very bleak horror game that’s more disturbing than horrifying. It does a great job of telling its dark story and each twisted scene claws at your sanity with some very striking imagery. This is one hotel where you may check-in, but you may never leave!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact, E – Take Photo

Available On: Windows

Download Drowned Here

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