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Drowning Cross is a very impressive old school point and click adventure which sees you unravelling a dark mystery as you search for your missing boyfriend.

In Drowning Cross you take on the role of Jeremy, a construction worker, whose boyfriend Leo has gone missing. It may be your fault as you were wasted last night and were more than a little mean to Leo, but when you find his car crashed into a tree, his soaking wet clothes lying in your apartment and a cryptic message saying he’s “gotta do a thing” you really get worried and set out to find him.

The gameplay in Drowning Cross is fondly reminiscent of the classic Lucasarts point and click adventures, but with a more easily accessible modern UI that forgoes the traditional SCUMM interface. The pixel art animation is fantastic and there are lots of interesting characters to meet and chat too. The dialogue is all very well written, with a nice amount of humor thrown in and the puzzles can offer a real challenge.

It’s an excellent slice of old school point and click adventuring with an intriguing story, believable modern characters and high quality pixel art animation. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Drowning Cross Here

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