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Drumpulous donald trump dildo

Drumpulous (aka Shoot Dildos at Donald Trump’s Head.exe) is a very silly and fabulously cathartic game in which you can shoot an infinite amount of dildos at Donald Trump’s Head as he spouts his xenophobic campaign slogans at a cheering crowd.

Trump’s (or Drumpf to any John Oliver fans) rise in popularity has been a perplexing and dread-inducing time for many people.  The developer was one of these people and decided to help spread some relief and lighten everones spirits by creating this dildo-filled masterpiece – he’s certainly achieved his goal.  Sure, firing large wobbly dildos at a presidential candidates head may not be the most constructive use of your time, but it is great fun, particularly as evey dildo lands wih a satisfying thwack and his ridiculous comb-over flaps up in the air.

Time has shown that you can’t defeat Donald Trump with logic and reasoning, but thankfuly with Drumpulous you can now drown out his rants with a barrage of dildos.   Thank you Drumpulous, this truly is the golden age of video gaming.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Spacebar – Jump,  Mouse – Aim – LMB – Fire

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video:  Here

Tip:  Type ‘not him’ at any time to upgrade your firepower!

Download Drumpulous (aka Shoot Dildos at Donald Trump’s Head.exe) Here

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