Ducklings – Browser Game

Ducklings is a charming and chilled out browser based game where you attempt to gather up ducklings on a pond and bring them back to your nesting partner.

In Ducklings you control a duck who must swim around a lake collecting ducklings to take back to your nest. You find lone ducklings randomly scattered around the lake, but you can also sneak up behind other AI controlled ducks and steal the ducklings that are trailing behind them. Stealing ducklings off other duck is much more efficient than collecting them one by one, but rival ducks can also steal your ducklings so you have to be careful where you swim.

As you bring ducklings back to your nesting partner your nest grows larger and you save the amount of ducklings you have. This means that if you die by being hit by a boat then you don’t lose all your progress.

It’s a simple, but addictive little game with a very peaceful atmosphere and a charming premise. It plays a little life a stress free single player .io game, and is perfect for dropping in on now and again to brighten up your day.

Controls: Mouse – Aim to Swim

Available On: All Browsers

Play Ducklings Here

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