Dung03ns – Browser Game

Dung03ns is a slice of life psychological horror game for Game Boy (and browser) where you live a normal life during the day and face your nightmares at night.

Exploring themes of anxiety, dysphoria and isolation, Dung03ns is an eerie choose your own adventure where you live out your life during the day then try to survive the nights. You have various different stats (health, guts, charisma, anxiety, etc.) that are affected by your actions during the day and night.

You have a set amount of time during the day which you can choose to spend doing different activities around your house – from cooking to playing video games or working. These activities alter your stats in predictable ways, but during the night thing’s get trickier…

At night you have a series of random encounters with various strange monsters and entities. You have a choice of three different actions with each monster, each of which alters your stats in different ways. Now need to try and avoid bottoming out any of your stats and keep your heath up to survive the night.

At the moment Dung03ns has no ending and the monster encounters start to repeat quite quickly. It’s a promising game though, with an interesting premise and some fantastic pixel artwork and monster designs. A beautiful Game Boy nightmare well worth getting lost in.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Browser

Play Dung03ns Here

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