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Dungeons Forever is a precision puzzle platformer that allows you to build, play and share your own levels and attempt to make your way through a near-infinite amount of community created content.

Dungeons Forever offers easily accessible build, share and play gameplay in which each level comprises a single screen that requires you to get from the start to the exit without dying. Building levels is as easy as in Mario Maker (possibly even easier), with you simply selecting blocks, hazards, enemies and interactable objects then placing them on the level. You can easily knock out a decent level in under a minute, but to make a deviously designed deathtrap you may need to tinker with it a bit longer.

Building levels is only half the fun though. When you’re feeling brave enough you can venture into the dungeon and attempt to make your way through as many of the games user created levels as possible. You get a big bunch of lives, a couple of bullets and a handful of ‘skip level’ options that can help, but generally it’s just precision platforming skill that’ll get you through the levels. The levels are randomly selected, but they’re generally a very high quality and rarely feel unfair. As you progress you’ll earn coins that can then be used to purchase hats (there are no microtransactions, everything is 100% free).

It’s a great game allows for easily accessible level building and some fiendishly tough precision platforming. A precision puzzle platformer that you really can play forever.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Dungeons Forever Here

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