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Dystopicon is a narrative driven life simulator where you watch TV to earn money, as you obey (or disobey) the government in a strict authoritarian state.

Congratulations! You have just been promoted to a second-class citizen! This means that you get a whole apartment all to yourself and you can do your bit by being a model citizen, obeying your government and watching TV. If you ever find yourself fed up of this life then feel free to may use of the totally free-of-charge Euthanasia Machine that is installed in the corner of your apartment!

Dystopicon plays out entirely from within the rather squalid rat infested apartment that the government has granted you. You earn cash by watching different state-approved and propaganda-filled TV channels, and the cash you earn can be used to allow you access to amenities and equipment that can keep your your energy, hunger, comfort and entertainment levels up.

As you play random events will take place outside your window that give you a glimpse at what’s really going on in the dystopian society you live in. If you’re a good citizen the government will continue to add more equipment to your apartment and add new channels to your TV to keep you satisfied and pacified. But no matter how much they add, it’s still a very monotonous life you live trapped in your dingy apartment. Maybe there’s some way to fight back…

Taking under an hour to play through, it’s an interesting little game with multiple endings and a offers a dark analogy for how governments (not just authoritarian ones) try to control the public via media. Will you be a bood, compliant citizen?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Dystopicon Here

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