E008 – Downloadable Game

E008 is a trippy first person stealth horror game where you enrol in a shady drug trial to go in search of your missing brother.

In E008 you follow the adventure of Eight, a young woman whose brother has recently gone missing following enrolling in a mysterious drug trial. As the research at the facility is top secret they won’t tell you anything about what they do there or where your brother has gone, but they will let you enrol in the trial so you can find out for yourself.

You need to sneak through each level of E008 without getting caught by the various researchers who patrol the halls and laboratories. You can hide, use distractions and if all else fails run from your captors, but if they catch you then you’re screwed. Also, the drugs they’ve injected you with have some very trippy side-effects which you’ll need to keep at bay by injecting yourself with them now and again.

Some of the stealth mechanics can get a touch repetitive, but it’s a fun little horror game with an interesting premise and some very tense moments. The way the drugs affect how you perceive the game world is a particularly cool touch as you drift between a trippy dream-world to a hellish nightmare. There’s no way these drugs will get FDA approval!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download E008 Here

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