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Eatvolve is an addictive little randomly generated action platformer in which you eat other creatures, take on their characteristics and grow larger as you work your way up the foodchain.

In Eatvolve you start off as a puny little worm who can eat other creatures to take on their characteristics – so for instance if you eat a frog you can jump higher or if you eat a snail you’ll grow a shell and be able to survive an exrtra hit. Your overall goal is to climb as high as possible up from the undergrowth and into the skies. To do this you’ll need to evolve your little worm in different ways, which doesn’t always mean eating everything in sight – often you’ll need to select which creatures you want to eat to access har to reach areas (so for instance a diet of frogs and butterflies will help you reah high ledges).

It’s a fairly simple game and is clearly designed for mobile devices in mind, but the action platforming gameplay works well with tratitional keyboard controls and it’s a very addictive little game. It’s great fun experimenting with the different mutation combinations your little worm can take on as you clamber up the foodchain and up the undergrowth. A charming little creature munching platformer well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows

Download Eatvolve Here

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