Echoes of Consciousness – Downloadable Game

Echoes of Consciousness is a creepy horror puzzle adventure where you use reality-bending powers to unravel a dark mystery in an abandoned town.

In Echoes of Consciousness you find yourself in a deserted town where you’re looking for answers about your past. You’re soon visited by a mysterious shadowy figure who seems to know more than he’s letting on, and you discover reality-bending powers that allow you to phase objects in and out of reality.

Echoes of Consciousness does have a few rough edges (the voice acting and some unintuitive puzzle design), but the story is interesting, the reality-bending gameplay is fun and it’s got a very cool visual style. Some aspects may frustrate, but it’s a fascinating and unique experience nonetheless.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Echoes of Consciousness Here

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