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Echoes+ is an spectacular Geometry Wars-style retro action space shooter that will test your reflexes and skill to the limits as you fend of waves of neon enemies until your senses are overloaded.

Featuring multiple game modes and online leader boards, Echoes+ is ideal for short blasts of retro twin-stick action.  Game modes include ‘Echoes’ (10 levels of hardcore blasting action where killing more enemies increases weapon power), ‘Classic’ (real retro gaming), ‘Meteor Storm’ (blast your way through a meteor storm, ‘Asteroid Belt’ (battle snakes of enerrgy with no power-ups and no health pick-ups) and Zoo Trials (a series of additional challenges).  Each mode will seriously test your shooting skills, as the difficulty continuously ramps up and enemies fill the screen in waves of neon effects and explosions.

Keybard – WASD: Movement,  Arrow Keys: Fire,  Spacebar: Smart Bomb
Control pad – Left stick: Movement,  Right Stick: Fire  RT: Smart Bomb

Available on: Windows & Mac

Players: Single Player with online Leaderboards

Download Echoes+ Via Steam Here

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