Edward’s Sewer Adventure – Downloadable Game

Edward’s Sewer Adventure is a charmingly spooky PS1 styled first person horror adventure where you get lost down a sewer while investigating rumors of monsters.

A PS1 styled prequel to the Back to the Future inspired No Time, Edward’s Sewer Adventure follows the story of an inquisitive 14 year old boy called Edward, who goes in search of monsters down a sewer. Needless to say he finds plenty of monsters in the labyrinthine sewer network, but finding his way back out again is another problem!

Taking around 45 minutes to play through, Edward’s Sewer Adventure is a fun little adventure that’s more about being spooky than scary. There’s a lot to discover down in the sewers, with a nice selection of monsters and oddball characters, and the retro styled visuals are full of nostalgic charm. Far more fun than exploring a sewer system has any right to be!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Space – Jump, F – Flashlight, RMB – Use Item, LMB – interact, Mousewheel – Select Item

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download Edward’s Sewer Adventure Here

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