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Eldritch Cove is a Lovecraft, Silent Hill and Bloodborne inspired Amnesia: The Dark Descent total conversion mod set within a strange town that’s infamous for people going missing.

Created by Darkfire (the creator of the Amnesia SDP mod), in Eldritch Cove you take on the role of an ex-ship captain who was accused (but not convicted) of the multiple murder of a group of cultists on Madden Island. Your ship had shipwrecked on the island and you have no memory of what happened there – the police just found a lot of dead bodies, one severely mutilated (and insane) man and yourself. The lack of evidence meant you walked free, but you still have questions about what really happened there and your reputation is in tatters. Then one day you get a phone call, inviting you to visit a mysterious place called Eldritch Cove…

Taking around an hour and a half to play through, Eldritch Cove is a very well crafted experience with a great sense of atmosphere and some very creative touches. Your sanity plays a big factor in the game, with you able to use certain consumables to make you go more and less insane. When you start to go insane then an alternate version of the world manifests, often allowing you to reach new areas, but also unleashing nightmarish creatures that chase you if you go near them.

It’s a very tense and atmospheric game, with freaky monsters, an interesting story and some very creative puzzle design. The only bummer is that the story doesn’t get anywhere near wrapping up, because this is just the first episode – you’ll have to wait until the next installment to see how it continues!

Note: You’ll need Amnesia: The Dark Descent to run this mod. Instructions are in the readme file within the game folder.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction,

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Eldritch Cove Here

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  1. If development is still underway for this, I’ve only seen the beginning, but love the idea of the game so much I would volunteer English translation and grammar correction of the text for free.

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