Elementalism Phase 1 – DOOM Mod

Elementalism is a fantastic DOOM megawad where you harness the powers of the elements and fight your way through differently themed elemental worlds.

Elementalism takes place in a cosmos where six powerful gods (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Light and Darkness) had imprisoned the god of Entropy eons ago to prevent Entropy from ending all things. However, the power of the gods has now faded and Entropy is now stirring. you will need to travel to each of the god’s realms and retrieve the six elemental runes needed to prevent Entropy from escaping.

Some five years in the making, Elementalism Phase 1 features fifteen varied maps spread across three different realms – Earth, Water and Fire (Air, Light and Darkness will be in Phase 2). You will see plenty of familiar looking DOOM Monsters, but there are also plenty of custom monsters too (particularly in the Water world) and there are also three incredible looking bosses to battle. You also have a cool elemental trident that you can charge up and unleash plenty of carnage. It’s the maps that are the real highlight though – they’re massive, varied and packed full of secrets, ambushes and clever details.

It’s a remarkable mod that’s got the visuals, the map design and the gameplay to stand toe-to-toe with anything built in Unity or Unreal Engine. A modern retro run ‘n gun masterpiece. Highly recommended.

Note: You will need an official DOOM 2 .WAD file and GZDoom to play this mod (so you need to own a copy of DOOM 2). Once unzipped, copy the DOOM 2 .WAD file and the Siren .pk3 file into the GZDoom folder. Then select the .pk3 file and drag it on-top of the GZDoom.exe to start the game (you’ll probably want to customize your controls before you start playing).

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard (Bindable)

Available On: Windows (GZDoom)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Elementalism Phase 1 Here

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