Elephants Remember – Browser Game

Elephants Remember is a very stylish musical driving game/interactive song where you attempt to escape from a herd of stampeding elephants while trying to remember why they’re mad at you.

Part of an interactive music album called the Off-Score Project, Elephants Remember sees you driving a jeep though the outback, trying to escape from a herd of angry elephants. You use the mouse to steer, allowing you to choose directions and avoid hazards. As you progress you learn more about your past, why you may regret your actions and what you can do to make up for them.

Elephants Remember is short, but it’s a fantastic little game that does a great job of telling its story via its clever fusion of music and gameplay. The chaotic up-tempo soundtrack and the herd of stampeding elephants behind you make for a very intense experience that’s quite unlike anything else. Also, it helps that the song is a banger! Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Steer

Available On: Windows & Mac (Paid) or Browser (Free)

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Elephants Remember Here (Free For a Limited Time Only)

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